Intermediate Course (Therapists who have previously studied A&P): £150pp (1 day) 

Beginner Course (Including the Tibby Olivier A&P Module): £250pp (Module is home study, then a 1 day course) 

Kit Cost: £201 inc VAT and Delivery. The Salon Kit contains 500ml Shrinking Violet Oil, 2 x large wrapture, 1 x small wrapture and a measuring cup (payable and ordered in advance) 

Dates: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (usual start time 10am) 

Mileage cost: @£0.45p per mile  

Learning Outcomes:

* To understand Lipolysis and the science behind the active inch-loss ingredients
* To understand Health and Safety requirements
* To understand which products and equipment and how to use them
* To be able to fill out a record card/consultation form and treatment plan
* To understand the contra-indications and know when to adapt or not perform 
* To be able to give a safe and beneficial Shrinking Violet Body Wrap
* To be able to give complimentary and realistic pre-treatment and aftercare advice

The Course consists of:

* A&P Test for Beginner Level
* Theoretical Learning with the Tibby Olivier Training Manual
* Practical Learning: carrying out the Shrinking Violet wrap on a model 
* Questions and Answers
* Three case studies to be emailed for Beginner Level 

Standard FAQs:

What is it?
Shrinking Violet is the original and revolutionary inch loss body wrap which has been researched and formulated in the UK to change the permeability of the fat cell membrane, allowing intra-cellular fat to be released therefore creating measurable inch loss. The Shrinking Violet is an oil wrap using wrapture film making this a preferable service over traditional, dated wrapping techniques and products using bandages. Shrinking Violet continues working for 72 hours and the results can be permanent if the client maintains. 

Will I need training? 
YES, Courses are £150.00 conversion, £250.00 for beginner.

Is Contour D’Or the same as Shrinking Violet?
NO, SV will give the best immediate and continued results and the wrap system continues to be the optimum inch loss treatment for clients. It is not an “either” “or” treatment. They should not be compared. CD is an alternative for clients who want a spray tan with a “bit extra” and who cannot have a spray tan due to the oil residue of the shrinking violet wrap

How much will a Shrinking Violet Wrap cost the client? 
The minimum charge should be £40 due to the cost per service, the time required, the therapist’s specialist training and the added benefit of the SV ingredients and liposome penetration

Are there contraindications? 
Yes. The client will need a full consultation before treatment.

Is there pre and aftercare? Yes, to get the optimum results from the treatment pre and aftercare should be followed.

Is the client measured? 
Yes, this is part of the process to give the client an indication of their loss. However, the client should also go by how they feel in their clothing.

When can they wash? After at least 12 hours

What equipment will I need? A beauty couch, electric blanket, towels and throws, pillow, measuring tapes, skin marking pens

Are samples available? No. We can locate your next nearest therapist if you would like to receive a treatment and we would recommend you be honest if you are intending to train and offer the service as well.